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About Concero

Concero /con-cer-o/ Verb [Latin] meaning to join or link together

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, with a worldwide reach, Concero Resources is a full-service talent acquisition and consulting firm with a commitment to connecting leading organizations with outstanding workforce solutions. Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals with extensive staffing experience who have the proven ability to understand our clients’ objectives and deliver the desired results.

Concero Resources’ functional expertise spans all verticals, with clients ranging from grassroots non-profit organizations and small businesses to multi-national Fortune 500 institutions. No matter the need or the business structure, Concero Resources has the skills, capabilities and commitment to achieve our clients’ objectives and surpass their expectations.

Our mission is to successfully connect qualified individuals with leading organizations resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s a mission that we pride ourselves on accomplishing time after time.

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