Concero Resources

Direct-Hire Staffing

Direct-Hire Staffing

If you are looking for someone to fill a permanent position but do not have the time or internal resources to sift through endless stacks of applications, the Concero Resources team is here to help. We will take the time to develop, lead and execute a thorough candidate search, so you can focus on your business. From promoting the position to screening candidates, Concero Resources will cull the field to present to you only the most qualified and well-suited individuals for your position.

Concero Resources’ services for all staffing needs include:

  • Traditional recruiting
  • Digital media/internet recruiting
  • Thorough applicant screening
  • Preliminary interviews
  • Skills testing
  • Optional drug and alcohol screening
  • Background checks
  • Reference and education verification
  • Customized billing options

Contact Concero Resources today to see how we can customize the perfect solution for your direct hire needs.

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