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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, is when an organization utilizes an outside firm to perform what would traditionally be internal recruitment functions. The scope of this arrangement can be as large or small as needed – ranging from simple candidate identification to handling the entire recruitment process through onboarding. Our RPO service will save you time and money by increasing the applicant pool, ensuring each candidate is thoroughly screened, and reducing the time needed to fill vacant positions.

Concero Resources’ reputation for success is exemplified in our RPO capabilities. Our process is effective because it is completely customized to your organization’s unique needs and goals. When you partner with Concero Resources, you will see only qualified candidates, allowing you to make confident and informed hiring decisions that keeps your organization thriving!

Are you ready for RPO?

Growing organizations have expanding needs. Focusing all your attention on the hiring process can result in neglecting other important areas.  Some signs you’re ready to call in Concero Resources as your RPO include:

  • Unpredictable talent needs – you’re currently scaling recruitment resources up and down to match economic cycles and hiring demands
  • Consistently relying on third party agencies and contingent firms to assist in some of your hiring needs
  • Expanding your company to include new departments or locations
  • High turnover rate for employees
  • Prolonged time-frames for finding qualified candidates to fill positions

Optimizing your recruitment with Concero Resources drives your company’s efficiencies by allowing you to:

  • Acquire only the most skillful and talented people in all roles
  • Reduce empty seats and wasted time
  • Have more control over recruitment costs
  • Quickly expand and contract with fluctuations in hiring needs
  • Implement successful process improvements

Contact us today if you think your company is ready to take its recruitment process to the next level of adeptness.

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