Our Employers Process

Once we intake your job order, we market the opportunity, screen the candidates and present you with quality talent. Delivering you the perfect asset to add to your team is our top priority.

Step 1

Intaking Job Order

At Concero Resources we pay attention to the details. We take the time to learn about the position you need to fill, the neccesary qualifications, and the true culture of your company. Determining your long term goals to find you the best match is of the utmost importance to us. 

Step 2

Marketing The Opportunity

At Concero Resources we are dedicated to bringing you top notch candidates. This is why we utilize our advanced marketing techniques to attract qualified and targeted professionals.

Step 3

Screening Candidates

We don’t want you wasting any time on candidates that aren’t the right fit because time is money. This is why during our initial interview we go beyond the resume and spend time with the applicant. We learn about their experiences, goals, and attitudes to ensure we are sending you top notch talent.

Step 4:

Presenting Candidates

At Concero we understand that staffing is much more than simply matching people to positions. When we present you with a candidate be assured that throughout the entire recruiting process we were responsive, proactive, and consistent. Our committment to our clients are unwavering.

Our Employers Services

Direct Hire

We handle the recruiting, you receive the talent! If you are looking to fill permanent or long term positions this service is for you. We send you qualified leads who report directly to you upon hire.

Mass Hiring

Hiring a myriad of clients at once can get extremely overwhelming. With our mass hiring service we take all of the leg work out of it. We make it a smooth process brining you the most qualified candidates in a timely and efficient manner. 

Staff Augmentation

Have a short term project where you’re missing a much needed skillset? Filling a position that will only last 6 months can get messy and complicated. With staff augmentation we can supplement the skillsets of your current staff by bringing in a contractor that provides knowledge assistance and a diverse perspective.


Contract to Hire

Not quite ready to fully commit, but still need to fill a position? This service will provide you with the opportunity to hire on a short term basis to test out the waters. These candidates are contracted under us so you won’t have to worry about setting up a new employee. It’s a win win because at the end of the trial period you can decide to extend an offer to this candidate for a more permanent role. 

Recruitment Process

Filling and training an HR position can get expensive and time consuming. By choosing our proven methods we can make the recruitment process a breeze. We work closely with your team to ensure we understand the intricacies of the position and work culture. We use our expertise to customize the recruitment process to your needs and bring you your perfect match.

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